I am a professional printmaker. I have been lecturing printmaking and art and design for the last seven years. Due to my young family it is only in the last couple of years that I have managed to get together a studio and start creating my own work.

I like to experiment and combine different techniques such as collagraph, intaglio dry-point etching, lino-cut and wood-cut.

I am lucky to live in the beautiful countryside of north wales, my work is inspired by surrounding old architecture, mountains, and the sea.

I have been a part of a few exhibitions and sold many prints. I also have my work for sale in a few local shops.

I have taken part in local craft fairs and workshops where I demonstrate different techniques of printmaking alongside selling my prints.

I have designed some fabric block printing starter kits and lino-cut card making kits I intend to design other printing starter kits ssuch as, etching and collagraph kits which will contain all materials needed to begin with, along with a step by step guide and examples of how the process is achieved.